• Android USB-PC-Connection does not work (MTP-driver)

    Problem Description
    There is no connection between PC-USB device and Android smartphone (problem with MTP-driver)

    Deutsche Version des Artikels

    You want to exchange / synchronize data between your Windows PC and your Android smartphone and no connection can be established because the USB driver is obviously not installed correctly.

    In principle, it is already the usual way to connect your smartphone via USB on your PC and the device driver will load and made the mass storage available automatically.

    On my Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7100 I specifically had the following case: I had already connected the device to the PC successfully for several times, but from one day to the next this did not work anymore. In forums there were various indications like installing a new driver, exchange cable, clean the USB socket, switch off the smartphone and re-boot it after a few minutes, activating the debug-mode and so on… but no none of these tips helped yet